Based on the ATD Competency Model, the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) credential provides talent development professionals the ability to prove their worth to employers and to be confident in their knowledge of the field.

This SIG is for ATD Piedmont members and non-members working toward their Certified Professional in Learning and Performance credential. If you would like more information, please contact the CPLP Study Group at

New Study Group beginning February 16th

This study group is co-facilitated virtually by the Piedmont, Rocky Mountain, and West Virginia Chapters of ATD. To learn more:

  1. Join us for an information session.

  2. Review CPLP Certification Handbook

  3. Register for the study group! 

Top Five Reasons to Pursue Certification

  • Increase your opportunities for career advancement and increased earnings.
  • Differentiate your qualifications in a competitive job market.
  • Validate a high level of knowledge and skill.
  • Demonstrate a high level of commitment to the field.
  • Enhance your professional reputation and communicate your credibility 

Interactive Guide

This interactive assessment is free and maps out the steps to attaining the CPLP in an easy to navigate format to help you decide if the CPLP program is right for you. Several assessment tools, including the CPLP practice exam (pCPLP), are included. View these materials to help you understand the program flow from applying to studying to becoming a CPLP credential holder!

Practice Exam (pCPLP) 

Take the pCPLP Practice Exam to prepare for the CPLP multiple-choice exam. Understanding the level of difficulty and the types of exam items can help you to focus and maximize your preparation. There are 100 test items and no penalties for guessing. The pCPLP assessment takes approximately 50 minutes to complete.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are a quick way to find high-level information on exam eligibility, cost, application information, who to contact with questions, and much more.

CPLP Certification Handbook

The CPLP Certification Handbook is the technical guide for the CPLP program and provides individuals with everything they need to understand, participate in, and complete the CPLP certification process. It is the primary source for CPLP program support and is a must read for all CPLP participants.
ATD Learning System Part 1: Program Overview
Part 2: Knowledge Exam
Part 3: Work Product
Part 4: Recertification

ATD Learning System

The official ATD resource for CPLP study, the ATD Learning System contains the content needed to study for the exam. For those participating in the CPLP study group, the ATD Learning System is a required component. The Learning System is provided in an online format, which includes a downloaded PDF. An additional print option is available for an extra fee.

Apply for Your CPLP

Apply and Manage RecordsGet instructions on how to use the online candidate management system to apply for the exam and manage your records. 

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